2K games drop the ball on the launch of NBA 2k20: #Fix2k20

On Monday, the highly anticipated game from 2k games NBA 2k20 was released. Despite the NBA2k series being the developer’s staple and moneymaker, 2k missed the mark with the release of their latest annual game and became the most talked-about games of the month with reports of bugs and server issues.

NBA 2k19 was arguably the most impactful title yet for 2K games. The 2019 version of the game brought us an advanced, RPG feel to the game with The Neighborhood where you could create a player and play streetball style gameplay with friends online. A compelling MYPlayer career mode, and even the introduction of the NBA2k competitive gaming league, with NBA teams being represented.

NBA2k League Stage

When NBA 2k20 released at midnight on Friday, September 6th,, 2019, players eagerly booted up the game, excited to test it for themselves. They were quickly disappointed with many technical issues and did not hesitate to bring light to what they were experiencing. Server issues and game glitches were mostly mentioned, as one would expect. Along with those problems were also problems with misleading information being given to the players before the game’s release, pertaining to the features within the game itself.

A viral tweet from twitter user @Vpeakey-

It didn’t take long for the power of social media to allow the hashtag #Fix2k20 to make its way onto Twitter. In fact, #fix2k20 became the number 1 trending topic on Twitter seemingly overnight from Sunday into Monday morning after Keemstar, (whose twitter is linked on my blogroll) who has over 5 million subscribers on his viral Youtube show ”Drama Alert” and 2.8m followers on Twitter, chimed in on the topic after players reached out to him to help them be heard. One of the most viewed/read gaming news sources, IGN, released their own story on this Wednesday.

Notice the time of day between the two tweets by Keemstar. He tweets in support of the hashtag at 3:03 a.m. Monday morning:

Then, only one hour later at 4:09 a.m. Keemstar shows us that #fix2k20 had become the number one trending topic on Twitter. The developers at 2k games were quite literally in for a rude awakening on Monday. 

Despite all the backlash players are still waiting on a patch update that will (hopefully) fix the problems they have been experiencing. Some players spent up to $100 on the game alone and it is shocking with the issues within the game they paid for. NBA2k continues to monitor the problems and are trying to #fix2k20 by the second. Their latest update on September 11 at 7:26 p.m. came via Twitter:

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