Blizzard’s Banhammer continues to nail supporters of Hong Kong protests

Last week, I made a post detailing the year-long ban and stripping of prize money of Blitzchung from the Hearthstone Grandmasters Invitational after he outspokenly demonstrated his support of the liberation of Hong Kong in a live interview that was being streamed live to thousands of viewers. After much response from the gaming community (mostly negative) Blizzard decided to reduce the suspension to six months and return the money earned by Blitzchung during the tournament.

Support for Blitzchung came from gamers around the world. In an article by IGN, they report that American University’s competitive Hearthstone team has also been banned by Blizzard for competing for six months in the Collegiate Hearthstone League. The players from AU held up a sign during a live broadcast with a statement on it that supported Hong Kong and Blitzchung. The camera quickly cut away from the players. The video clip can be seen below.

Casey “Xcelsior” Chambers is one of the players for American University and he tweeted this statement saying he was glad Blizzard decided to hold all players accountable and not focusing on only one person doing the act (Blitzchung).

Blizzard remains to be put under pressure by the community. The unity gamers from all types of games are showing not only for these players, but for Hong Kong itself is showing us why gaming and esports are the fastest growing communities in the world.

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