Call of Duty Pro League 2020: The nine cities confirmed for representation and what it could mean for players

The next season of competitive Call of Duty will see teams representing cities from around the world. Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about why it was a negative for some of the players and owners. So far, nine cities have been confirmed to be hosting teams for the new season. New York, Atlanta, Minnesota, Dallas, Florida, Toronto, Paris, and Los Angeles have all been named, with two teams coming from LA. Each team is partnered with an esports organization, many from the already-franchised Overwatch League teams. Below you can see a map of all the locations each team will call their new home. 

With the announcement of the new league, Activision also announced that every player under contract would receive a minimum of $50,000 USD per year salary that includes health and retirement benefits. There’s no arguing that this is a great thing for all players, but the question I ask is how different it is when it comes to players in different locations. 50k is an above-average salary for anyone in America, but 50k in LA is a different value than it is in Minnesota or Florida. 

According to this article from the financial planner LA website, the average person in LA would need to make a salary of $74,371. Which is nearly 50 percent higher than $50,000. Yes, I know these players are given housing and probably have a cook for their meals, among other things. But going to the movies in LA is going to be way more expensive than the movies in Minnesota.

Using this article on, we can compare the two places, Minnesota and LA, and see the difference in the cost of living. The article also includes a map of its own that colors the 50 states by their cost of living. California is significantly higher than all the states that include teams in one of their cities for the upcoming league. 

More details are sure to come forward as the season draws near. Hopefully more about the benefits and retirement. Either way, the CDL may not be what Call of Duty hopes it to be at the end of it all.

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