About: The Final Circle

Welcome to The Final Circle, a blog that brings to light issues within the world of video games. With digital technology evolving every day more and more of us are tapping into the gaming industry. Today, gaming is more than just playing. Streaming and esports have taken over the internet and are the future of competition. With that comes problems, ones that you’ll find are similar to that of any athlete in any sport. These issues are relevant to everyone; gamer, viewer, streamer, or not. Ages of gamers are decreasing and as a future parent of a potential gamer, it’s good to know what you and your family may face if your child is able to pursue a career in gaming.

Hello! I am Michael Griffith, a Senior Technical Writing major at West Virginia University. I also minor in English, Journalism, and Creative Writing. I am 27 years old and love playing and watching many video games. Some of my favorite games of all-time are Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, and Rocket League. I am engaged and have one dog named Bella!

I am on social media @Ahhh_Griff. I love Twitter and tweet and RT quite often about many different things, so shoot me a follow if you use Twitter. My tweets can be seen below also! If you don’t use Twitter, I HIGHLY suggest using it immediately,it is where I get all of my news and updates on what’s going on!